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Snoring and sleep apnea can be managed at Philadelphia Dental Sleep Medicine. Conveniently located in center city Philadelphia, our office is just a short walk from Rittenhouse Square. The moment you come through the door you are greeted by our friendly staff as if you were an old family friend. Our welcoming environment lets you know that you will be in trusted caring hands..

Dr. Carl Steinberg and his staff will work in conjunction with your sleep physician to help manage your snoring and sleep apnea problems. A team effort has proven to be most effective when a patient is searching for the CPAP alternative. Many who are CPAP intolerant or just refuse to use CPAP will seek an alternative in an oral appliance for snoring and sleep apnea. In fact, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has come to recommend oral appliances for managing snoring and sleep apnea in patients with mild and moderate sleep apnea and those severe cases where a patient refuses to use CPAP or is CPAP intolerant.

At the first visit your medical history and polysomnogram (PSG - sleep study) will be reviewed. A screening examination of your periodontal (gums) health, tooth health (visual and x-ray), and temporomandibular joint (TMJ-jaw joint) health will be performed. Optimal snoring and sleep apnea management is achieved when all of the dental systems are healthy and functioning well together. A comprehensive examination will allow us to evaluate your specific situation and discuss your treatment options. Then we know that an oral appliance for snoring and sleep apnea management has the best chance of long term success!

In addition to evaluation, a review of sleep hygiene, dental concerns, oral appliance choices, costs, and insurance coverage will be reviewed. After all is in order, we will proceed with making an appliance to help with snoring, sleep apnea and healthier sleeping!

Snoring and Sleep Apnea can be
managed with the CPAP alternative!
Call Philadelphia Dental Sleep Medicine now
to help with healthier sleeping!

 Dr. Steinberg is available to speak at business, civic and religious gatherings as well as medical or dental meetings.

Please call the office for more information.

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